Random thoughts/ month 1

29 May

We left Key West one month ago but it really feels like a lifetime ago. Each day feels like 5 Saturdays. It’s awesome.


This month I:

+ am totally impressed with what amazing travelers the pups are. They are adjusting to life on the road, love exploring and are game driving around for as long as necessary. Olivia is off Dramamine and hasn’t puked once!

+ got sunburnt twice. I just can’t seem to recognize I’m frying until its too late.

+ can’t get over how many Capital One banks (didn’t even know they exist), DQs, and Dollar General/ Family Dollar are in rural America. To the point that we started a punch-buggy Dollar/Family Dollar game. My left arm is kinda sore. It’s rare to find a BOA, Starbucks or Target. Toto, we’re not in suburban Miami anymore.

+ forgot what a clutz I am. Apparently, Hani had no clue. Not sure who he’s been living with the past 6plus years. I ruined one shirt. I smacked the top of my head twice. I missed a step on the ladder and have a huge knot on my knee. And I’ve banged up my legs getting in and out of the truck more times then I can count.

+ will scream if I hear Bruno Mars again. I can’t reach the radio fast enough once I hear those opening piano notes. Sorry Betsy.

+ have been underestimating people. I guess growing up in Miami where everyone ignores each other, you learn to not confront strangers. But everyone we’ve meet north of south Florida has been incredibly welcoming and sincere. We’ve been constantly greeted with a smile and thumbs up everywhere we go. We’ve met some fabulous people so far and I know that will continue. Skyhorse brings out the best in people we meet.

+ drove Skyhorse! On my first time behind the wheel, I drove over 100 miles and over a state line all at a steady 45mph. #speeddeamon

+ resolve to check the weather before beginning a day of driving. No joke, EVER long day of driving has been in the rain.

+ traveled through 5 states and just entered the 6th. Bring on month 2!!

3 Responses to “Random thoughts/ month 1”

  1. twotravelingtwits May 29, 2013 at 12:53 am #

    Take an aspirin a day. It is good for your heart, any aching from banging into things, and it well help you not to burn. Children’s suntan lotions fun up to 60 spf.

  2. Brenda Flynn May 29, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    EXCELLENT! Live this dream to the fullest. I felt the same way when I didn’t “work” for 6 years…every day was a weekend. In fact, after a while, I really, honestly did not know what day it was! I sure miss that. It is HARD to get back into the race.
    Dogs just want to be with their people. I never feel sorry for the dog walking with a man and a backpack, even if they are “homeless,” because the dog is with his person. I do feel compassion for the man. I’ve travelled all the way to California with my two dogs, and would never have considered leaving them behind!
    Smiles and happiness all the way, kiddos!

  3. B May 29, 2013 at 11:48 pm #

    Take those blinders off and say hello to every stranger you pass…you’ll be amazed at how friendly people are EVERYWHERE! It took me months on the road to realize this, but even in places where the locals seem standoff-ish, all it took was a smile and a good morning then they light right up. I only wish I realized this earlier on in life!

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