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11 Mar

I figured we should bring a couple of toys to keep us entertained when we are in the middle of nature.  I just placed a two seater kayak on the roof of the truck.  It stays up there with three ratchet straps.  To load it on the roof I will put it up against the back of the truck and pull it on the roof.  I am hoping to get lots of use out of it.  I am still considering bringing a porta bote which is a 12′ folding boat that can handle a 5 horse motor.  Part of me says why not bring it I have the room and I already own it.  The other part says why haul another boat and a motor I have to maintain.  Leave some feedback if you have some insight.

We will also be carrying a motorcycle on the back.  This way we can explore and get around with ease.  We can also travel without breaking camp.  It’s also an alternative form of transport if there is an emergency.  The rack swings out so we can still access the rear doors.  There will be a winch that lifts and lowers the bike onto the rack.