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The Roof Is On Fire

11 Mar

Nature is designed to sustain us.  I have designed Skyhorse to live in and be nurtured by nature.  I’ll be damned if I have to rely on stuffy rv parks to support our nomadic life.  So we turned to the sun.  I have installed four 145 watt solar panels to the roof.  We also have four 210 amp 6 volt batters.  We have a 420 amp battery bank that is charged by 580 watts of solar.  While we drive the truck’s alternator also charges the battery bank.  We should not be consuming that much energy.  The largest draw is our refrigerator which still is efficient.  I have strived to install the most efficient systems available so that we dry camp for as long as possible.  The only thing that will limit our length of camping is our 100 gallon water supply.  Water goes quick my friends.  Speaking of water, we utilize two panels that are 2′by 2′ to heat our water.  Those two panels are on top of the plane.  There is a 12v pump that circulates water through those panels giving us hot water in a few hours of sun.  The sun is telling us to live free and not be tied down to generators.  It’s nature speaking to us.  I’m listening, are you?