Deep in the heart of Texas

23 May


About a week ago, we arrived in our future home state! We started our adventure in the lone star state in Longview to visit some of Hani’s friends from Gerry Spence’s brainwashing trial lawyers college. We didn’t see much of the town but I can’t say I’m disappointed about that. We did, however, see the most massively scary collection of mounted animal carcasses in Jas’s firms offices. I should have taken a picture but I think part of me was afraid. They were staring at me, all the Bambis and ducks and wild boar, oh my! We had a great time with Jas and his coworkers and Chad and Lacy and ate some slamming Cajun food (and hijacked Jas’s apartment to do some much needed laundry–thanks again Jas!!)

After leaving Longview, we headed to Houston to see Mario, another Spence cult follower. We invaded his manicured neighborhood and parked Skyhorse on his street right in front of his house. Thankfully, his neighbors were more curious than upset that our beast was blocking the road. In Houston, we saw Mario shoot his first short film, went to a few museums, and met fellow travelers, the Ramseier family, a couple with 2 young boys and a dog traveling from Switzerland. It was an awesome and eye opening experience to run into people who have been traveling like us to places we will be heading. We had a great dinner with Mario that night. It was really wonderful to meet all of Hani’s camp friends. Even though that was the first time I had ever spoken to any of them, it felt like we were old friends, probably because they knew all mine and Hani’s innermost thoughts from hours of gut-spilling on the ranch.

We spent our last few days in Galveston. We heard mixed reviews about the beach town but decided to go always. And I’m very happy we did because a beach break was needed after the craziness of Houston.

The dogs LOVED it!! Shae, as usual, didn’t really do much and just wanted to sit in a lap. But Olivia ran around like the crazied beagle she is! Although the ocean was not her thing, she definitely found every dead fish both buried and not in the mile radius of where we parked (on the beach! So cool!!). And this was how the day ended.


We boondocked 2 nights and yesterday/ last night stayed at the state park on the island. Thank you Hani for forcing me to relax, sit still and take in what will probably be our last beach days for a while.

This morning we were San Antonio bound. The drive was long and hot but this made it worth it!

We drove through Shiner to sample some of our favorites from the Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner Ruby Red in particular! We had unfortunately missed the official tour but Skyhorse got the attention of Anne, who gave us a tour of the bottling area as they were close to closing time. Thanks again, Anne! We loved the tour and the delicious samples!

(By the way, I kid about the Spence college being a cult. I’m insanely jealous Hani got to go and wish I can go at some point. It’s a 3 week intense trial course on a ranch in the middle of nowhere Wyoming where you learn trial techniques through psychodrama.)

2 Responses to “Deep in the heart of Texas”

  1. Zia May 26, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    Nice post!

  2. Melanie May 29, 2013 at 1:30 am #

    Sorry Linda and I missed you in Texas! We left Austin and headed to San Antonio on the morning of the day you were supposed to be getting there.

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