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The build

26 Jan

Here is a link to Expedition Portal where I have chronicled the construction of Skyhorse: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/47231-Ford-F700-Build?referrerid=16179

Most recently, I finished connecting the camper to the truck.  I had to take the rear window of the truck and cut into the camper so we could walk through.  I made a door out of starboard since it is in the shower.  The doors lock from both sides.  The key side is in the truck so no thief gets inside the camper from the truck.  I am still considering what to with the rear of the cab.  I took out the bench seat so you could walk through instead of crawling through.  I didn’t want to add anymore projects at this point, but the safety and connivence factor really sold me on it.