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Weekend recap

15 Apr

This was our last “real” weekend in Key West. Or at least I think it was. Since we figure next weekend will be filled with final packing and re-packing, we wanted to have some f-u-n!

That being said, after a fabulous office party we prepped for our early morning moving sale. Oh man, was that an experience! I don’t know what these people expected to find at our sale (buried treasure? thousand year old artifacts?) but they started LINING UP outside a half hour before we advertised to start. And, then yelled up to us through our open windows asking when we were starting. How about the time listed in the newspaper you’re holding?! Of course, the early birds didn’t buy anything. But I did get scolded about not having “yard sale prices.”

We did have a steady stream of people coming through the house and, when we ended four hours later, we had sold about half the stuff we put out. The best part of the day was when this homeless lady came in and tracked dog shit all through the house and blamed it on our pups. I thought the shit smell was just her scent. Hani was quick to push her out the door, not before she sprayed her shoe with room spray and then cleaned the bottom off right outside our front door so everyone else coming in could track the crap back through our house. Awesome. We were getting funny looks for the next 40 or so minutes as the stench lingered despite clorox and lysol. On the plus side, all of our furniture is sold except one mattress and Hani’s car is still for sale (anyone want to buy a ’94 mosaic-ed Saab beauty??) so it looks like we’ll be leaving town sooner than planned. No sense in sleeping on an air mattress and living out of bags if we don’t have to.

Day two of our sale was not as eventful. After the first few hours passed and we had only made a whooping $7, we ditched our sale and went on our friends’ boat. Here’s a picture from our last day at Mudd Key.


I’ll miss this place but there are more beautiful waters and deserted islands to explore. I may or may not have shed a tear (or ten) on the ride back in. But it was a great way to end the weekend.

Now on for our last few days of work…

A sigh of relief

26 Jan

This past week I’ve been caught up in the details of this trip and started totally stressing out about the minor aspects. AND THEN I found a really awesome site that links up all these people who are traveling the Pan American Highway! I sent out a bunch of emails and Facebook requests asking all the stupid questions that have been bogging me down. Now I not only have a bunch of new traveling friends, but great resources and piece of mind.

So with that enthusiasm, we had our first yard sale bright and early this morning. We made $133 on CRAP, completely better than I expected! The only thing that would have made it better was if we got rid of everything in that first go-around.
yard sale 1/13

Hani then took the money and went to his home away from home, Home Depot, and bought a screen door so we can keep the air circulating, the dogs inside and the bugs out! Pictures to come…