1 Sep

Time definitely escapes us and rarely do we realize it’s a holiday. It’s only when we are having something shipped to us and “overnight” becomes a week that we realize its a 3 day weekend. Our whole life now is a 3 day weekend. So to everyone that has a real holiday weekend, enjoy it! And ‘Lshana Tova and a happy and healthy.

Also, for some holiday viewing, check out our picture in the Homer news!

We spent the weekend in Anchorage and Palmer. On Friday, met up with Hani’s friend Tawny and had the best time on an Anchorage bar stroll lead by Lorali. Saturday we did nothing besides obsessively watch episodes of Breaking Bad. On Sunday, Lorali invited us to her house to chill out. She made us some delicious meals, the pups had a blast running around her yard, and we just had an all around wonderful time getting to know her and meeting her sweet parents.

Today we are on our way to Valdez, a coastal city on the Prince William Sound. We pit stopped to walk ON this glacier which was amazing.


We’ll spend a few days there and hopefully our new GoPro will arrive. Fingers crossed!


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