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Skyhorse For Sale

11 Feb

Our travels have ended and we begrudgingly are selling our home.


Skyhorse is the most unique camper you’ll ever find! We have traveled in this camper for 22 months from Key West to Alaska to Panama and back. It’s tried and tested. I can tell you everything about it since I built it. There are many features but here are a few to give an idea of what this amazing vehicle offers. The best feature, though, are the smiles, laughs and nods of delight you get while driving it.


Our travels have ended but YOUR adventure is waiting to begin.

It cost me $60,000 to build I am asking $30,000.

I was living on a sailboat when I met my wife who gets seasick.  So our alternative was to overland.  I wanted to build a quality, rugged, self contained, creative motorhome.  I mounted a 1991 ambulance box on a 4×4 crew cab Ford F700 that was previously owned by a Florida electric company.  The plane on the front is Cessna 310 that is mounted on an aluminum frame.  I used lots of marine components such as appliances, wiring, electrical components, etc., aluminum, and stainless steel in this build because of the quality.

Truck Specs:
1994 Ford F700 Crew Cab 4×4, 5.9 Cummins Diesel, 2-50 Gallon Fuel Tanks, Air Ride Front Seats, Air Brakes, Around 70,000 miles, Allison Automatic, Pass Through to Camper, Aluminum Rear Motorcycle Rack With Winch for Loading/Unloading

MIKE HENTZ/The Citizen

Camper Specs: Full Kitchen- 2 Burner Stove, Oven, Top Loading Marine (Isotherm) Refrigerator, Lots of Counter Space, Double Sink, Food Pantry, Full Bathroom- Shower, Nature’s Head Composting Toilet, All Aluminum Camper Box, 95 Gallons Water, Solar Panels 405 Watts / 400 AH House Batteries, Lots of Storage / Spacious Interior

IMAG0649 IMAG0646 IMAG0643 IMAG0653

Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any questions or to make an offer! (305) 731.0419 // orangeokra@hotmail.com