Chiapas baby!

17 Mar

Everyone says that Chiapas is their favorite state in Mexico. After seeing these pictures, you’ll see why. The jungle is lush, the people are vibrant and culture is fantastic!


We left the Oaxaca beaches and headed inland to El Aguacero waterfalls. After walking down 720something stairs, you arrive in a massive canyon with what seems like an almost dried up river and rocky river beds on either side. As you move further away from the stairs, the river widens and then you see the waterfalls tumbling overhead. We waded in thigh deep water and played in the falls, the entire area to ourselves.

El Aguacero

El Aguacero


Next stop was Ocozocoautla for Carnaval. We caught the parade of colorful costumed locals wearing creepy small masks and joined in on the baby powder throwing fun. Yes, the way Chiapans celebrate Carnaval is by dousing each other in shaving cream and baby powder. We were hilariously covered from head to toe.


On our way out of town, we took a 2 hour boat ride through the Sumidero Canyon. The canyon towered above us as we zipped through murkey trash-filled waters. It was nice to be on a power boat again, but for the amount of tourists that travel these waters, they should have someone keeping it cleaner.



Craving more warm weather and cool waters, we went to Agua Azul after spending a week of being sick in San Cristobal de Las Casas (we took Mex 199 without incident). This insane series of waterfalls and pools stretches for acres and acres. When we arrived, we walked to the top of all the falls and relaxed in one of the upper pools until sunset. The parking lot was massive so we camped there overnight and in the morning set out for another dip. We had the grounds all to ourselves, probably because it was a Monday at 9am and we were a solid hour and a half from the nearest town. We took a floating platform from one side of the falls to another, which moved by pulling a rope that was connected to the other side. We trekked deep in the jungle with our own private guide (half the price they were offering the day before–$3 total!). Each time the trees cleared, we had reached another waterfall or pool. It was amazing! Definitely one of my favorite places!


From Agua Azul, we drove up the road a bit more to Misol-Ha Cascade. This impressively high waterfall pounded water with such force, we were soaked seeing it from a distance. We walked behind the fall and up a precariously slippery “path” to the top of a smaller waterfall. The wooden plank and rope to guide you across the top of this fall and further into the unlit cave was broken. Hani, nevertheless, thought it was a good idea to still go in. We followed a few locals inside (one of which was wearing a dress shirt, pants, and pointy toed leather ankle boats). Using their cell phones for light, we slowly made our way against the heavy-flowing waist deep rushing waters. Inside the cave were 2 more waterfalls, pretty amazing, but at this point, I was so freaked out I just wanted to leave.


The ruins at Palenque were next on our list. We spent a sweaty humid day wandering around the ruins, scattered throughout a dense jungle. What made the experience even more authentic were the screams of howler monkeys nearby.

DSC_0072 DSC_0078 DSC_0091 DSC_0085 DSC_0103 DSC_0135 DSC_0155 DSC_0167 DCIM100GOPRO

Chiapas truly was spectacular!

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  1. May March 17, 2014 at 5:07 pm #

    Very cool pics…glad u are enjoying your trip!

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