When You Swept Me Away

25 Feb

We are on a tour.  Our movement has been constant.  We have a pace.  The next place is frequently thought of.  It has been uncommon to break from this rhythm and to elude our ingrained urge to move forward. Zipolite has taken away the next and given me the present.  Most mornings I am not eager to get out of bed.  Here, I awake with the sole thought of coming down the stairs to open the rears doors that face the beach.  The feeling of the salty breeze falling on my almost waken body quiets my soul.  I now know why cats live in windows and people live in their porches and balconies.  The rear doors are an extension to the sea.  


There are two rock formations, which appear to be volcanic in nature close to one another in the sea near the shoreline.  It’s easy to spend the day watching the waves dance into and over them.  Each day the dance varies with different size waves.  Along with the dance comes the song of sea that convinces you seeing is overrated.  What a pretty voice.  What a sweet smell.  It’s a place that has spoken to me.


This experience makes me think why can’t I draw such beauty from all that I encounter.  Is there something that hinders me from achieving this?  If I was more attuned with my surroundings and possessed a positive mind, could I be harmonious daily regardless of where I was and what I was experiencing?  I want to analyze the dimensions of this experience so I can use that information in the future.    The desire to continue this pleasure has become an addiction.  It will be difficult to leave.  I imagine this is the reasoning that makes people susceptible to continual drug use.  If you find it, you keep it going.  What it costs will depend on how you need or want it.  For now, I simply live it and resist a rational dissection.    


I read.  I finished A River Runs Through It.  The author, Norman Maclean, raises the question of how to be with a destructive brother.  It’s an unsolved endeavor but an enchanting read.  I wear a bathing suit all day long although it is a nude beach.  I should be naked.  Sarah takes me to yoga class.  Our instructor, Marjorie, says Sarah is a natural.  I’m proud of her and glad how happy yoga makes her.  We made friends who have rented a house and make ice cream from fruits.  They plan on staying here for a year.  They are colorful and I am certainly glad to have met them.  Their neighbor likes the bottle, Mezcal to be specific.  They can see into each other houses.  When he is high on the sauce, he raises his machete and curses them in Spanish.  When they see him in town, he greets them cordially.  Now they have concealed the area that was visible between their homes.  The dogs are easy to walk since they shit on the beach.  We watched an acrobatic type circus perform on the beach.    


When you find such a place do you enjoy it for the time you have or do you try to make it your home despite the impracticality?  I was raised to be realistic.  Both my parents are dentists who practice together at their clinic in Ormond Beach, Fl.  They emigrated from Egypt and built their practice with distant dreams and hard work.  They were determined to have me carry on what they built, not for their vanity but to give me comfort in life.  What kid eagerly proclaims his want to be a dentist when questioned by adults?  Middle Eastern diplomacy has a subtle way of convincing others.  Perceptions and patterns become part of you and when faced with a challenge to them you guard them as such.  Maybe I can rewrite myself into the poetry of eternal adolescence where real has no place. 



4 Responses to “When You Swept Me Away”

  1. dedeo@bellsouth.net February 26, 2014 at 5:19 pm #

    Sweet Hani, sweet!

    • Hani March 28, 2014 at 10:36 pm #

      Thanks Dan. I hope you and Karen are well.

  2. Joaquin Suave March 21, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

    Beatuiful words Hani! Sadly, the experiences you are having now will most probably create a foundation/ barrier that will forever be in conflict with your ambitious/ “American way” kind of life when you get home. I believe my friend… The key is to find ballance between the two. Poco e’ Poco.
    We’re thrill that you and Sara are having such a great time.

    • Hani March 28, 2014 at 10:35 pm #

      Thanks Jack. I dig your outlook.

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