Random thoughts/ month 9

26 Jan

Sorry this post is so belated. It’s been difficult to get a decent wifi signal  to upload photos and when we have, we’ve been running around towns instead of blogging. It seems like we haven’t traveled very far this past month. I think we are trying to make the most of our time on the road as “the end” is nearing and going even slower than before (is that even possible??).

This month, we:

+ rang in the New Year in Sayulita with Toby and Chloe, our first margaritas of and the rest of the Americans visiting Mexico (who were all congregated in Sayulita). The town was so gringo-fied. We cracked open the bottle of champagne we’ve been hoarding since we left and hit the town for some amazing homemade Italian food and good old Mexican street partying.


+ parted ways with Toby and Chloe after the new year. Probably good timing too because we got sick right after we left them. Parting pains??

+ liberates turtles twice! The first was in La Penita de Jaltemba and the second we stumbled upon during the 24 hours we spent in Puerto Vallarta. It was not nearly as exciting as the first time because they did the release after the sun went down.



+ gave Shae a much needed haircut. She was beginning to look like a muppet and it was so hot for her. And of course, just like last time, the day after we groomed her, the weather got reeeeeally cool.

the blurry before

the blurry before


the trim after

+ walked through a crocodile preserve in the tiny beach town of La Manzanilla. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. MASSIVE crocodiles sun themselves right at the bottom of the shoddy chain-linked fence. Cool but Hani thought he was going to get eaten.


+ left the beach and headed inland to the mountain towns of Guadalajara and Guanajuato, where the weather got cooold! Both campsites we stayed at were outside of town so we biked in all bundled up.

+ saw some gorgeous architecture and museums. The 3 days we spent in Guadalajara, we toured a bunch of art museums, government buildings, historic old town, and amazing market. Aside from that downtown area, the city just felt too big for us. The streets were always packed with people and lots of traffic. You walk down the streets and can pretty much buy anything without stepping into a store. From knock-off Toms and watches to socks and underwear, even boutique teacup puppies ($40 for a mini Shae!! I wanted them all!). It made us realize that we do prefer the smaller towns where life is more intimate and simpler.

20140126-133547.jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


+ got our first ticket! In Guadalajara, we were told to park our motorcycle in such a way where it can be chained to a post (on the sidewalk). So when we went to Guanajuato, we did the same. When we saw the ticket, we slickly rode away, laughing how we weren’t going to pay it. Then we realized the joke was on us. They TAKE your license plate to ensure you pay! How smart! After a little bit of sweet talking, Hani worked our parking ticket down to $12.

all the other unfortunate souls subjected to traffic infractions

all the other unfortunate souls subjected to traffic infractions

+ loved Guanajuato. The city center is a bunch of windy cobblestoned tiny roads that open up into green squares and impressive churches. The houses are painted all colors of the rainbow and the view from above is spectacular! Again, we did the historic building and museum trek through town, even visiting the mummy museum. Apparently, because of the elevation, bodies decompose in a way where they become mummified. And then those bodies are placed in a museum. Yes, it’s as gross as it sounds, but at the same time kinda cool.



+ fell into the black hole known as San Miguel de Allende. We spent almost 2 weeks there, mainly on the mend, and aimlessly wandering the town. It’s the longest we’ve spent in any one spot since we left. It’s oddly familiar here– cool artists and galleries, loads of Americans, and delicious international food. Very different from all the other Mexican cities we’ve visited. And a welcomed one since my stomach can’t take another gordita or taco for a while. We had some amazing French pastries, Lebanese food, Thai soups, homemade pastas, delicious organics, authentic Italian sausages and Argentinian steaks. We enjoyed both the gringo’s organic market and the local’s market (where I almost bought a pet bunny) and felt at home parked on the street between a school and soccer field.


street art

street art

SM from a rooftop bar

SM from a rooftop bar


+ met some great new friends in San Miguel. We connected with an old co-worker’s friend, Anthony, who joined us for drinks and then invited us to his homemade sausage tasting party the following day. The party was at his friend Roger’s beautiful home that overlooked the entire city. We also met up with Brenden, who spotted us parked on the beach at Punta Perula a few weeks earlier. We walked the organics market with Brenden and Jimena, drove out to a 500 year old massive tree, wiggled down the Mexican Lumbard street and shared a fabulous meal. Finally, we spent some time with Robert and Patricia. Robert had spied Skyhorse while we were parked at the artist studios and left a note for us to call him. Robert has been traveling for the past 7 years and had recently rooted himself in San Miguel. We enjoyed his company, his generosity, and his experienced vision on extended travel.

view form Roger's house

view form Roger’s house

20140126-134931.jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

+ have grown addicted to street vendors for meals and snacks. Along with the typical taco stands that carry a ton of freshly diced toppings, throughout any city, carts are set up selling fruit, ice cream, fresh made churros and chips, pastries, and my favorite, fresh squeezed juice. Our day isn’t complete until we’ve had our 24 oz orange juice that never costs more than $1.50.

+ paid $365 in medical care. That was 6 visits, a minor procedure, and a LOT of different meds and creams. Not horrible. Probably would have been over $5,000 in the states.

+ reunited with Erica and Sam of Song of the Road in San Miguel. We first met them in Fairbanks when they were at the beginning of their trip. It was fun to see them months later and laugh about how travel ideals have changed. A week later, we reunited with Toby and Chloe and Richard and Ashley of Desk to Glory who we met in Yellowstone. Even though our life is anything but normal, it’s feels nice to see “old” friends again along the way.

+ started to think about the end of our trip, which turned into stuffing our faces with French pastries and making a loooong list of the places we still need to visit before we head out. Maybe the end isn’t so close after all.

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  1. May February 8, 2014 at 5:06 pm #

    So very cool…the pics were amazing! Glad you all are having a great time there….keep the updates coming…gung hay fat choy as well!

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