Turtle release party

30 Dec

As we travel south along the pacific coast of Mexico, we’ve stopped in some interesting little towns. After leaving Mazatlan, we spent a few days in San Blas, leaving mainly because the mosquitos. We drove through the lush green coast passing shrimping villages, ones known for mangoes and coconuts and others known for their bananas.

We arrived outside the town of La Peñita de Jaltemba to boondock on the beach and landed next to a turtle rescue. Red Tortuguera finds turtle eggs laid along the beach, collects them and reburies them in a safe place away from predators. The eggs are monitored daily. When the eggs hatch, the newborn turtles are collected and released with the help of a crowd of people. Locals find out about the releases through their Facebook page. We just happened to be lucky in choosing our camping spot and not shy in inserting ourselves into others activities.

The twenty or so people all received a baby turtle and we went to the shore to line up.

We were all instructed to put our turtles down right before a big wave came in and encourage their slow movement out to sea. They scurried and swam towards the water, all eventually making it. The ocean shore line was dotted with adorable little black heads until they disappeared in the distance. It was an absolutely amazing experience!


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