Random thoughts/ month 8

26 Dec

About this time last year, the Key West Citizen, our daily newspaper, published an article about our upcoming travels (https://adventuresinskyhorse.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/article-in-the-citizen/).  It’s hard to believe that now, one year later, we are 8 months into our adventure.

This month we:

+ spent practically the entire month with fellow travelers Toby and Chloe and their dog Tia. After we met them on the streets in Guerrero Negro, we all just meshed so well and have been traveling together since. It’s been great experiencing this bizarre lifestyle with other Americans our age and sharing in the highs (and the lows) of life on the road.

+ were in San Roque for Thanksgiving and the days leading up to it.  While we were camped at Jack’s Baja property, we met Ken. Ken told us we must visit Bahia Asuncion and look up his friend Shari. We found Shari at her B&B who generously gave us a mountain of fresh fish and allowed us to camp on her San Roque property. San Roque is a teeny tiny village that offered gorgeous views and sunsets and extremely friendly locals (who gifted us lobster on Thanksgiving!).


Looking down on San Roque


Swarms of pelicans


Thanksgiving dinner, plus the unpictured “Thanksgiving miracle” pumpkin Dutch Oven cake

+ braved a horrible 11 mile washboard road at night to awaken in gorgeous Punta Chivato. Although the water was chilly, we had miles of beach and shells to ourselves. I was in shelling heaven!

DSC_0123 DSC_0132


Saving the starfish

+ well, Hani really, has become a fire-building master. Since meeting up with Toby and Chloe, they have taught Hani their skill of creating and keeping the perfect campfire. We have had a LOT of awesome fires in the past month.

gathering firewood

gathering firewood


+ celebrated our first wedding anniversary on December 1st. Coincidently, that was also the day of our first blow out. Luckily, we had a new full spare and Toby was there to help. We spent the day walking around Mulege, changing the tire off the side of the road and Toby and Chloe cooked us a delicious dinner. It was definitely a first anniversary we will never forget!


+ relaxed in Bahia Conception for 5 days. The campground that had been recommended by other travelers was really packed so Toby and Chloe scoped out this fab free private beach for us all to camp. We kayaked a lot (mainly in search of firewood on other islands), explored the surrounding beaches, and swam/kayaked with a pod of dolphin.



Moby and Skyhorse down below


+ will never forget San Lopez Mateo. (See 13 hours post if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

+ stayed at Chloe’s family friend’s house in El Cardinol for a while. The dogs all had a ball lounging around the house and we loved sleeping indoors, cooking in a REAL kitchen and taking nice long hot showers. Thank you Susie and Mark!


+ snorkeled off Los Frailes beach in Cabo Pulmo, another free picturesque beach but with an aquarium below the surface. I snorkeled 3 times one day. It wasn’t Key West-lighthouse quality snorkleing, but pretty darn beautiful.


+ found the Walmart in La Paz. It. Was. Fabulous. 🙂

+ blew through Los Cabos (so touristy) to get to San Pedrito, an awesome surfer’s haven between El Pescadero and Todos Santos. We could have easily spent weeks there but we had already reserved our ferry ticket so all we got was a few days. The beach had such a great vibe between the people, sunshine and waves. I think this was my favorite beach in Baja.

ocean dotted with surfers just after sunrise

ocean dotted with surfers just after sunrise



+ ferried from La Paz, Baja to Mazatlan in mainland Mexico on the 21st. To board the 16 hour ferry, we had to drive in reverse up a narrow ramp and wedge ourselves between huge trucks. It was quite a feat and totally impressive that the workers are able to fit all the vehicles in perfectly with just enough room to squeeze by. These guys would kick my butt in Tetris.

Where's Skyhorse?

Where’s Skyhorse?

+ have been in Mazatlan for 4 days, including Christmas. The city is pretty big and packed with tourists. We stayed at our first legit RV park and that’s been expensive interesting. The antithesis of our beach spot in San Pedrito, the RV park is filled with giant RVs that haven’t moved in at least a month and will stay that way for the next 5. Our first night in town, we saw Catching Fire (the 2nd movie in the Hunger Games series) and had a fantastic experience! Not only were tickets $2 each in a comfy massive theatre, they sold freshly popped carmel corn–YUM! Christmas Eve was a different story. We thought that since Mazatlan was a big city, there would be a lot of events going on for the holiday. The old market, street food, and oysters fresh from the ocean (the guy was literally walking out of the water with a bag) were great but we wanted a cultural blowout for Christmas. That didn’t happen. We walked the streets for several hours looking for something–anything! We caught the end of the totally packed Christmas Eve mass, a lame street fair, and loads of silence. Dejected, we headed home and stopped in at a bar that looked fun, but ended up being weird and American. Ha! Not what we had in mind, but nevertheless, an experience. Christmas day we all went to Stone Island and soaked in the perfect weather.



Hani’s new toy: a spiderman parachute-kite

+ are continuing down the coast of Mexico to hopefully catch some more wonderful weather and surf just in time for 2014! 

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  1. Berta Andrews December 26, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your continuing adventures! It’s snowing lightly here, in Marblehead, MA & I’m looking at pics of you guys at the beach yesterday…Enjoy!

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