18 Jun

I knew if we didn’t leave Telluride that day, we never would. Intimate and beautiful, mild weather, awesome people, Telluride was everything we were looking for.

We arrived in Telluride a week ago. It’s a very small ski resort (less than 3,000 people) that still has an active presence in the summer months. Its set in a valley between massive mountain ranges. Many people told us just to pass through because it is such an expensive town. I’m glad we didn’t listen and stayed.

We had been driving all day across very narrow paths (paths, not roads people) and steep inclines followed by insane declines. Hani was driving in granny gear the entire time at 10mph. It was beautiful but a scary ride. The 73 miles between Silverton and Telluride took for-ev-er but we snapped some awesome pictures. So when we arrived in Telluride, we were happy to park and just sit.


While I was making dinner, Hani started talking to a local couple who had seen Skyhorse and looked us up. Brady and Sue, personal chefs who had been living in Telluride for 15 years, asked us if we needed anything and invited us into their apartment for a drink. They we so sweet and welcoming and conversation easily flowed throughout the evening. We left their house that night planning on leaving Telluride in the morning so we didn’t exchange numbers.

The next day, Hani woke up reeeeeally earlier so we tried to get a spot in the town’s park. It was completely full in anticipation for a concert that was happening the following week. But we decided to stay in Telluride anyway.


We took the gondola up to Mountain Village and met up with a friend of a friend, Steve. Through having a drink with him, we started talking to a few other people. It was really SUCH a friendly, open town! We walked through their main drag and ran into Brady. He was excited we stayed and invited us to dinner that night. Dinner cooked by personal chefs– yes please! We had a great night getting to know them and the town a bit more. Since the town is so expensive, they drive 60something miles to the closest town along steep passes to do their grocery shopping. What a freaking hike just to get toilet paper! You have to really be obsessed with Telluride to deal with that but it seemed like everyone living there IS that obsessed with the city.

4 Responses to “Telluride”

  1. Huda June 22, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    Jason’s cousin lives there! I think they are friends of the personal chefs because they told us all about them! What a small world! Glad to here you guys had an awesome experience there! Miss you!

    • Sarah June 22, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

      That is too funny! Yeah it’s a really small town so I wouldn’t be surprised! Any other family members that live in cities we will be crossing that you want to tell us about after the fact? 🙂

  2. john rotolo June 24, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    was there in 1996. I think we went from there to Mesa Verde. glad you`re enjoying yourselves.

  3. Rick September 14, 2013 at 9:13 pm #

    Saw you in Juneau. I love your adventure! Feel free to contact me if I can make your stay here more pleasurable! Welcome!


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