The Waiting Game

23 Apr

Today is Tuesday (feels like Saturday) and we are STILL in Key West. Almost a week of unemployment. A few months ago, I thought what was going to keep us here longer would be trying to sell our stuff (namely, Hani’s car) and not wanting to say goodbye to our friends and this awesome city. You only realize how much nonsense you have accumulated once you want/need to get rid of it. And you only realize how much you love a city once your departure is impending. Now, with the car sold last week along with practically everything else we owned and having said goodbye to the same friends over and over again for a week and a half, we are ready to leave. “We” meaning myself and Hani. And I guess the dogs too if they could talk. I never figured the thing preventing us from leaving town would be the camper. Duh.

Everything in Key West moves at a glacial pace. And the mechanics here do not disappoint. But the thingamabopper on the truck needs to be replaced and the dodado needs to be special ordered. And who knows when it will arrive. Whatever.

So with everything all packed up and day 5 (3??) of sleeping on the air mattress, we are making the most of the situation by spending as much as time as possible with friends. Each day and night has been filled with great food and drink, laughs, stories and fabulous people we will miss dearly. Our going away party Friday was a blast, with Hani arriving in Skyhorse 45 minutes late because the mechanic was still working on one.more.thing. Their entrance was epic. My parents even came down from Miami for the occasion. And every night that has followed has been the “last” dinner with friends, with no one really saying goodbye because we knew the next night would have one more “last” dinner. For real this time.


We spent last night watching our last sunset from Mallory Square and seeing our favorite act, the Catman.


Then off to a delicious dinner and more love and hugs and kinda goodbyes.

And the waiting continues…

One Response to “The Waiting Game”

  1. twotravelingtwits April 24, 2013 at 12:06 am #

    First Hani is a special name for me. I lost my Hani two years ago to lung cancer. He was a great friend and a fellow foodie. Sarah, I feel your pain. I am sitting in Ohio waiting for Jonathan to get the van ready, finish his contracts with two employers, and say see ya later to his family. I wrapped up my nonsense first and plans fell apart, so I headed out for a little adventure of my own. Jon and I are jealous of Skyhorse and wish you and Hani the most adventurous adventures in it. Keep us posted. Happy wanderings.

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