A sigh of relief

26 Jan

This past week I’ve been caught up in the details of this trip and started totally stressing out about the minor aspects. AND THEN I found a really awesome site that links up all these people who are traveling the Pan American Highway! I sent out a bunch of emails and Facebook requests asking all the stupid questions that have been bogging me down. Now I not only have a bunch of new traveling friends, but great resources and piece of mind.

So with that enthusiasm, we had our first yard sale bright and early this morning. We made $133 on CRAP, completely better than I expected! The only thing that would have made it better was if we got rid of everything in that first go-around.
yard sale 1/13

Hani then took the money and went to his home away from home, Home Depot, and bought a screen door so we can keep the air circulating, the dogs inside and the bugs out! Pictures to come…

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